About Us


About us

Mr. Harish Bhardwaj (Founder)
Harish Kumar Bhardwaj ( Social Activist)
Go for better, go for India

Our NGO is non-governmental, independent, non-profit organization to the development and strengthening of civil society in Delhi, India.

Go For Better is established to provide education to poor children, save the girl child, rehabilitation of widows, provide care for old age people, prevention of child labour, environment safety and also rehabilitation for drug addicts.

Our Team


Our Team

  • Harvinder Singh (Hallu)
    Harvinder Singh
  • Awadhesh Singh
    Awadhesh Singh
  • Awadhesh Singh
    Ajay Kumar
  • page2_img2
    Sukhdev Singh Gulati
  • page2_img2
    Anuj Kumar
  • page2_img2
    Ashish Kr. Pandey